Batley Family Law Honored Among the Top Firms in U.S. News Publication Rankings

By Bobbie Batley | November 6, 2022

The Batley Family Law, P.A. team is pleased to announce that Best Lawyers® has featured us in the 2023 edition of U.S. News – Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms.”  This honor involves a two-step process. To be eligible, a firm…

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Divorce Over 50 – What You Need to Know About “Gray” Divorce

By Bobbie Batley | September 27, 2022

Statistics show that while the overall rate of divorce in the U.S is on the decline, couples over the age of 50 are divorcing at a much higher rate than in the past. Though this trend is often referred to…

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Understanding Surrogacy and How We Can Help

By Bobbie Batley | May 3, 2022

Becoming a parent through surrogacy can bring unimaginable joy into the lives of intended parents. Before considering surrogacy, it is crucial to understand the laws surrounding the practices. A skilled New Mexico attorney can help you navigate requirements and protect…

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How to Handle Taxes During and After Divorce

By Bobbie Batley | March 15, 2022

Tax season and divorce are two extremely trying periods to endure. Combine tax season with divorce, and you have a recipe for stress. You must consider a few things when you file taxes during or after a divorce.  One thing…

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Valentine’s Day Proposals — All You Need is Love and a Prenup

By Bobbie Batley | February 23, 2022

After the feelings of elation from a Valentine’s Day proposal subside, you will eventually come back down to earth. Then it is time to discuss a potentially uncomfortable topic—the prenuptial agreement. These agreements have a bad reputation, but they are…

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Contemplating Divorce in the New Year? We Can Help You Prepare

By Bobbie Batley | February 3, 2022

With the new year, people are making resolutions to diet or exercise, while you may be contemplating divorce. To celebrate national “Get Organized” Month in January, we have created a checklist to help you prepare for the tasks that lie…

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5 Simple Steps to Keep the Holidays Special for Your Children After Divorce

By Bobbie Batley | December 17, 2021

Holidays are often filled with joy and excitement for children but can also be a source of pain and sadness when the family is no longer together. Navigating two households during the holidays requires adults to put their feelings aside…

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Parenting Plans With Children First

By Bobbie Batley | December 8, 2021

We recognize the importance of Parenting Plans which put the developmental needs of the child over each parent’s personal wishes.  The following tips from Marsha Kline Pruett are a helpful reference for divorcing parents with young children.  We agree with…

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Best Lawyers Award

By Kali Wilson | August 26, 2021

Batley Family Law is proud to announce that Bobbie Batley, our Firm’s partner has been recognized in the 28th Edition of The Best Lawyers in America. Best Lawyers is a purely peer review ranking. It works to rank highly respected…

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Frequently Asked Questions

By Jensen Wallace | June 21, 2021

FAQ Series 1 What’s the difference between physical and legal custody? New Mexico recognizes two types of custody: physical and legal. Physical custody simply means who has physical control of the child; that is, where the child sleeps at night.…

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Finding Ways to Stay Involved

By Bobbie Batley | June 21, 2021

Community Involvement 2020-2021 We’re so grateful that our team is dedicated to community involvement in so many unique and creative ways. Here are a few things that we’ve been up to recently outside of the office: ·      Bobbie was appointed by…

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2020 to 2021 A year in Review – Batley Post Covid

By Bobbie Batley | June 21, 2021

What a year (or so) it has been!  We have added words like unprecedented, pivot and work from home to our vernacular in a way we never could have anticipated.  To put it mildly, our world since March of 2020…

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