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Why I’m Excited to Practice Family Law at Batley Family Law

“Why family law?” is the most frequent question I’ve been asked by friends, colleagues, and even clients, since joining the team at Batley Family Law.

If you read my bio, I didn’t jump into family law right after finishing law school. During law school I focused a lot on natural resources and environmental law, earning a certificate in Natural Resources and Environmental Law, and won accolades in that area. I worked as a law clerk at Sandia National Laboratories, an incredible experience and opportunity for any budding lawyer, but one where, as one might guess, family law didn’t really come up.

The answer to why I enjoy family law is that family law, at its core, is about hope and help. 

Family law allows me to help the people in my community in immediate and concrete ways. Almost important as the law is the group of people whom I practice it with. I wanted to be with attorneys who share my values and a strong commitment to legal excellence. It’s why I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to join Batley Family Law earlier this year.

I’ve known Roberta (Bobbie) Batley and Lauren Riley for years, both personally and by their professional reputations. Batley Family Law, in its various iterations over 25 years, has focused on excellence in the law and a compassionate, client-centered approach to family law. Bobbie was instrumental in formalizing the rules for collaborative divorce in New Mexico and has long been an advocate for the idea that our clients can often craft better solutions for themselves than the Courts can. At the same time, she’s the person you want to have beside you in court.

I first met Bobbie during the summer before I started law school. I had just been granted a prestigious, three-year, full-tuition merit scholarship from the UNM School of Law Alumni/ae Association, and the Association was holding a fundraising event. Bobbie, who sits on the Board of Directors for the Association, was hard at work as a volunteer when I arrived. She greeted me with a huge smile, and in her characteristic manner, made me feel like I belonged. Throughout my law school career, Bobbie was a fixture at law school events, always working to benefit students and build a strong legal community. Even with her endless list of professional accolades and awards, she’s humble, approachable, and fully present when she’s working with her clients and colleagues.

Lauren, likewise, is an attorney who leads with her values and commitment to community. I met Lauren in law school, where she was a year ahead of me. She was also a perennial presence at law school events, working tirelessly to actively build up the student community. Her passionate work was recognized when she received the prestigious Dean’s Award for Commitment to the Law School Community. She has continued the same service to the New Mexico to the legal community, having been named the Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year in 2022 by the NM State Bar’s Young Lawyers Division. The engagement she brings to bettering the legal profession is the same engagement she carries into her work with her clients.

Both have been great mentors as I’ve made my own transition into the practice of family law. They’re only a small part of the exceptional team of legal professionals at Batley Family Law. Batley Family Law is an entire team of exceptional legal professionals who are driven by similar values – in this case, providing legal guidance that empowers people to deal with the crises in their marriage or relationships in a way that allows them to find resolutions and hope. I wanted to work with people who see this process the same way I do – as an inherently hopeful one. I was incredibly honored when they allowed me to join their team.

 Since being here, I’ve had the privilege of learning from Nathan Frazier, an experienced attorney  and litigator with a wealth of knowledge that he brings from his previous practice in Louisiana and Michigan, and from Jennifer Damner, who brings sharp insight and a calming and thoughtful presence into a high conflict area of law. Lorrie Kehl-Paul, our Director of Operations, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® is the hub of the firm, and she is able to provide incredible guidance to our clients that addresses the practical financial concerns that accompany most divorces. She’s a powerful team member especially when it comes to the collaborative divorce process.  Our experienced paralegals, Nikki Giacci and Laurie Herrera, are often the first point of contact for our clients, and they form the backbone of our ability to serve client needs. Every member of our team leads with compassion and strives for legal excellence. 

So, when I’m asked, “why family law” it’s because it’s good, important work helping people, and I get to do it alongside some of the most talented professionals in the field.

What Our Clients Say

“Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
I had a great experience at Batley Family Law. They assisted me with my case. They were excellent and ensured that my case was handled as efficiently as possible and always made me feel informed. This firm helped me through a stressful time. Would absolutely recommend this law firm.”

J. A.

“Thanks for everything yesterday! I had a very informative and meaningful consultation with Batley Family Law. I can tell that they are compassionate and strong which I admire in a law firm. Their firm has written a great book on New Mexico Divorce Law and they had recommendations for books to help my kids in this process! Thanks for the great gifts as well. I look forward to working with them in the process that lies ahead.”


Bobbie Batley is unquestionably the top family lawyer in New Mexico, largely because of the amazing team she leads. This firm cares about their clients, and puts those needs out front. I will never hesitate to refer to this firm!”


“Batley Family Law is an excellent place to work. I enjoy coming in everyday. It is clear to see how much our attorneys value New Mexican families. They work their hardest to advocate for their clients on a daily basis.”

K. W.

“Batley Family Law provided me with excellent advice and service to effectively and efficiently resolve an issue with my best interests in mind. They did this with a great deal of compassion. I would highly recommend this firm.”

E. F.

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