On Our Bookshelf: Our Top Five Book Recommendation for Those Divorcing with Children

Getting a divorce is hard enough as it is.  But when children are involved parents often find themselves wondering how do I explain this to my children?  How do I best support my children through this process?  Below is a list of books for you and your children that we recommend to help guide you and your family through the changes that divorce brings.

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This is the second edition of a classic book that focuses on what comes after divorce. Author Genevieve Clapp, Ph.D., “is a counselor with the Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, and works exclusively for separated and divorced parents with child custody disputes”. Clapp works to provide an in-depth guide book for all aspects of post-divorce life, especially various parenting situations.

Author Isolina Ricci, Ph.D. is a therapist, family expert, and mediator. In this book, she lays out a guide for shared custody. This book takes a holistic approach to co-parenting and discusses everything from checklists and calendars to emotional and financial support. Ricci even works to provide “age-specific” advice for parents and children of all ages. This book has a partner children’s book and many helpful separate tools like shared custody calendars and more.

This clever picture book is perfect for younger children living in two homes. It follows a little boy named Alex as he describes his favorite things in his two homes. At his dad’s house, he has a rocking chair, at his mom’s house he has a soft comfy chair. This book focuses on the positive aspects of having two homes and can help children grasp the concept of timesharing. Masurel focuses “not on what was missing but on the abundance of good times”. The excellent reminder that whether “with Mommy or with Daddy, one thing always stays the same – Alex is loved”.

Based on the classic book for adults, Mom’s House, Dad’s House, Isolina Ricci wrote a new version of her book for a younger audience. This is a guide for children on how to navigate life and be happy living in two homes. Ricci provides children with practical and psychological tips for managing schedules, living comfortably and guilt-free, and not feeling stuck in the middle between two parents. Creative sidebars help children take away main ideas such as “I can use my experiences to get stronger and smarter”.

Unlike some others we have featured, this book is not a guidebook, instead, it is a fictional book by the well-known author Judy Blume. This book follows the story of Karen Newman whose father recently moved out due to her parents impending divorce. Karen does everything she can think of to keep her parents from getting divorced. With zinger lines like, “I don’t think I’ll ever get married. Why should I? All it does is make you miserable.” Judy Blume creates a thoughtful and funny book that helps normalize divorce for young adults.

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