Should You Hire A Male or Female Attorney?

By Bobbie Batley | June 20, 2018

We get this question a lot from potential clients. Possibly because in family law people believe there may be biases associated with various genders or gender roles.  “If she has a female attorney I need a female attorney too, or…

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New Mexico Women’s Bar Award for Supporting Women In Law

By Bobbie Batley | June 1, 2018

On May 10, 2018, Little, Gilman-Tepper & Batley, PA, received the New Mexico Women’s Bar Award for Supporting Women in the Law. Why? It’s a long story.   The firm began in 1992, when Jan Gilman-Tepper and Sandra Morgan Little left…

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Tips from a Judge on Finding the Right Attorney

By Bobbie Batley | May 18, 2018

Attorney Randy Powers shares Judge Kass’ perspective regarding effective legal representation. Good Divorce Lawyers Tell You Bad News by Honorable Anne Kass. Ann Kass is a District Judge in the Second Judicial District State of New Mexico I have heard…

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Communicating With 3rd Parties About Your Case

By Bobbie Batley | April 25, 2018

Family law cases can be stressful, and it is extremely common to vent about such frustrations to family members, friends, significant others, co-workers, etcetera. However, we would recommend that you exercise caution, and remember the following before doing so: Your…

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Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze? – Picking and Choosing Your Battles in A Family Law Case

By Bobbie Batley | April 13, 2018

In a family law case it is always important to try and focus on your larger long term goals. By doing so you will achieve more favorable results in the long run, and avoid unnecessary skirmishes along the way.  You…

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Dating before Your Divorce is Finalized

By Bobbie Batley | March 22, 2018

It happened. You or your spouse decided it is time to go your separate ways and you are ready to move on.  You suddenly realize you have so much to do now.  Time to update your Facebook relationship status, change…

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8 Tips for Successful Legal Representation

By Bobbie Batley | March 7, 2018

Here are 8 tips we share with our clients for making their legal representation successful. Active involvement by the client and an understanding of how he or she can help or hinder the process is key to the ultimate success…

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Nervous About Going to Court? – Tips to Get You Through It

By Bobbie Batley | February 23, 2018

If you don’t know what to say, how to say it, get nervous, or just need someone who can be your voice you should really consider hiring counsel. Your lawyer is your advocate, your shark, and in Court – your…

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Divorce Recovery Tips

By Bobbie Batley | February 8, 2018

Sheryl Saavedra, attorney with Little, Gilman-Tepper & Batley, recognizes the difficulty clients face getting through a divorce.  She recommends the following article as assistance during this challenging time. By Lucy Benton as published in Divorce How to navigate your…

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Diverse & Talented Family Law Attorneys

By Bobbie Batley | January 22, 2018

We are particularly excited this year about the diverse talents of our attorneys.  We have some new faces on our Team and want to make sure that you know everyone and what we can offer to your referrals.  We are…

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Roberta Batley – Lawyer of the Year

By Sandra Morgan Little | October 20, 2017

We are proud to announce that Roberta Batley has been recognized as the 2018 Albuquerque Family Law “Lawyer of the Year”. Only a single lawyer in each practice area and community is honored with a “Lawyer of the Year” award.…

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Best Lawyers for Decades

By Bobbie Batley | October 13, 2017

Congratulations to Bobbie Batley, Sandra Morgan Little and Jan Gilman-Tepper for their selection as The Best Lawyers in America© for 2018.  Our attorneys have received this recognition annually for the past 11 years for Bobbie Batley and for the past 30+…

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