Double Header: Welcome to the Team

By Bobbie Batley | July 7, 2020

We happily announce the addition of Associate Attorneys Jensen Wallace and Wesley Enns to our Firm. At Batley Powers Family Law, we take our team approach to cases very seriously.  We believe our clients greatly benefit from the power of…

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We’re Hiring

By Kali Wilson | June 12, 2020

Batley Powers Family Law, a nationally recognized firm, is seeking an exceptional Attorney with 3-7 years of experience in family law or litigation to join our team.  If you are solution-oriented and strive to excel in client relations and the…

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Hello Summer! 6 Ways to Help Your Kids Enjoy the Summer Months While Practicing Social Distancing

By Lauren Riley | May 8, 2020

Many of us had planned for our children to head off to camp or start a summer program in the next couple of weeks.  For many parents, the prospect of having no daytime plans for their children for a few…

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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts During a Divorce

By Bobbie Batley | April 21, 2020

Do:  Do ensure your profile is securely protected Many social media platforms give users the ability to customize their privacy settings. This can be a helpful tool during a divorce. Allowing unfettered access to your content to anyone may not…

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7 Tips for Staying Sane During Social Distancing

By Lauren Riley | March 27, 2020

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! Our team is available to support you through this time of uncertainty through telephone or email. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us! If you are feeling anxious or just…

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On Our Bookshelf: Movie Edition, A Marriage Story Review (Spoiler Alert)

By Bobbie Batley | March 19, 2020

A Marriage Story was released by Netflix and hit their streaming service in December 2019. It highlights several family law issues that we as family law attorneys commonly see in our work; divorce, custody, relocation, and of course, high emotions.  This…

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On Our Bookshelf: Our Top Five Book Recommendation for Those Divorcing with Children

By Lauren Riley | March 19, 2020

Getting a divorce is hard enough as it is.  But when children are involved parents often find themselves wondering how do I explain this to my children?  How do I best support my children through this process?  Below is a…

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On Our Bookshelf: Our Top Three Book Recommendations for Those Facing Divorce

By Lauren Riley | March 19, 2020

Whether you’re considering divorce, in the process of one, or finished with your own, you no doubt have many questions. Great news! You are not alone. Millions of people have been in the exact same place.  That means there is…

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Co-Parenting in a Crisis

By Bobbie Batley | March 15, 2020
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New Year, Fresh Start

By Lauren Riley | January 14, 2020

Many divorces are finalized first thing in the New Year for various reasons, but most often for tax purposes.  Like the New Year, a divorce may provide a fresh start but it can still be an overwhelming and emotional time.…

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Happy Holidays

By Bobbie Batley | December 10, 2019

Thank you for supporting our Firm through a year full of exciting changes and recognition. We appreciate you and wish you a very joyous holiday with your friends and loved ones. We also know this time of year is not…

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Separating Without Alignment or 3rd Party Drama – Putting Your Family and Friends in Check

By Bobbie Batley | October 9, 2019

I recently saw a social media message one parent sent to their closest family and friends about their ex-spouse which was very encouraging that I wanted to share.  It read as follows: “Dear Family and Friends, As you may know…

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