2022 Review

2022 A Year in Review

Since early Spring in 2020, the world has been a bit off-kilter and 2022 seems to have followed this trend. Perhaps you too have found yourself writing out 2021 and scratching it out over and over this year. Maybe you also had a profound sense of confusion switching your calendar to December and realizing another year had passed. Well, alas it is in fact 2022 and the year is ending, and it seems most people might agree it was a whirlwind of sorts. Not in the same way as 2020 or 2021, but in a way that felt like a lot of playing catch-up from 2020 and 2021.  
Despite all that has happened in the past few years some things remain constant: first, our Firm community, and second, this Holiday Newsletter. Like everything else, they have evolved over the years. When our Firm founders Jan and Sandra started this tradition, we would mail out hundreds of cards all over the country to share our work and life updates from the Team. Some years featured snowy woodland scenes, and one year featured the three babies that had been born at the Firm that year. Today the Holiday Newsletter serves the same purpose but instead it is received instantly on the screen of your choosing. While professional life is still attempting to recalibrate and readjust to our “new normal” our Team was quick to say, “all I did this year was work, I have nothing exciting to share in the Holiday Newsletter and I have a deadline to meet so if you wouldn’t mind closing the door on your way out.” However, even with the long hours of hard work everyone has put in, we still have some amazing personal and professional memories from 2022 and without further ado, we would like to share them with you!

The Firm

One of our Team’s proudest accomplishments included being named by U.S. News as one of the Best Law Firms for 2023. This recognition is just a little more special than the others we have received as it also recognizes the hard work and dedication of the front office and paralegal team. Without them, we would not be able to serve our clients in the same way. A big shout out to Lorrie, Nikki, Laurie, Lucy, and Chelsea who keep our ship afloat! We also supported the University of New Mexico School of Law at their Annual Law Scholarship Golf Classic as well as the Distinguished Achievement Awards Dinner. Our Firm had several fun community-building days including our Halloween party where the Justice Burger attended!

Bobbie Batley

Of all the things Bobbie did this year, perhaps the most exciting was that this consummate extrovert and legal conference junkie was able to return to in-person conferences! She kicked the year off in February attending her first International Academy of Family Law meeting in New Orleans. In March, the family joined for the AAML Midyear Meeting where she introduced her children to Joshua Tree National Park, the Red Dog Saloon, and Palm Springs. She rounded out the Spring by joining her esteemed colleagues with the American College of Family Trial Lawyers in Phoenix.The summer found her in Mexico City in the proud Mama role as her oldest daughter, Kali, presented a paper at the International Conference of Genocide Scholars, who like divorce lawyers, are surprisingly fun people! It was back to in-person business for the ABA at the Annual Meeting in Chicago where Bobbie represented the State Bar of NM and a return trip in November for the Annual AAML meeting. In October, Bobbie and her youngest daughter Natalie visited Big Sis in DC where she was working as an Intern for the Department of Justice. Bobbie is so grateful for the high-level CLE and continued friendships these organizations have fostered.

Here in NM, Bobbie continued to teach community property to New Mexico Bar takers and serve on the University of New Mexico School of Law Alumni Board and the NM Collaborative Practice Group Board. She was also thrilled to join the Board for Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails. Bobbie’s daughter Kali will graduate from UNM School of Law in May (anyone need a brilliant young Associate?). Daughter Natalie, who spends her time boxing, horseback riding, playing the ukulele, and being a Girl Scout, will finish elementary school this upcoming year. Her super supportive introverted husband, Billy, can be found shaking his head at the girls and attempting to avoid the commotion by building custom trucks in the garage and finding the next great movie or TV car. Thank you to all who sent love, prayers, food, and good vibes for Billy this summer. He is doing very well with just one kidney and has learned that like the Grinch’s heart, the remaining kidney grew three sizes this year.

Helen Bennett

Helen has spent 2022 hard at work mentoring our Associates, working on family law cases, and writing several briefs for her appellate work. In her words, she would “even go so far as to say that whatever she wrote in 2022 was not substantially worse than previous projects.” She wrote some brilliant prose not once but twice for this Newsletter, but we had to get a dictionary out to understand it and decided part of it was inappropriate and part of it was humor that only our beloved wordsmith would find funny. Helen decided like much of America that she should buy an RV this year and hopes to develop a reputation for being an itinerant appellate writer while showing her father the sights. Helen enjoyed her two precious pups Ursula and Juniper and spent the summer in Chautauqua, Illinois. She has continued to make her Legal Jam and is considering taking up beekeeping! Helen keeps us on our toes challenging us family law attorneys to “read the rule” and use actual law in our Motions.

Lauren Riley

This year Lauren was named the 2022 Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year by the State Bar of New Mexico. This award is given to an attorney who has exemplified to their fellow attorneys the epitome of professionalism through their ethical and personal conduct. We know Lauren is amazing but were thrilled to see how many people joined in that feeling! She continued in her position as the ABA’s Young Lawyers Division District Representative for New Mexico and Arizona. This work was critical in 2022 due to the Calf Canyon and Hermits Peak Fires. In partnership with the State Bar, Lauren coordinated the Disaster Legal Services Program which was fundamental to providing free legal assistance to those families impacted by the fires. Lauren attended the ABA Family Law Section’s Fall Conference in San Diego where she experienced very informative CLE courses and connected with other family law attorneys across the country. Lauren is our office conscience and always challenges us to do better, which we appreciate! In March, Lauren’s son Beau turned 3 and has proudly declared we are no longer allowed to call him “Baby Beau.” The highlight of his year was the custom Jeep bed that Lauren’s handy husband Rustin built for Beau!

Jonathan S. Brown

Jonathan is proud to have finished his first full year as an attorney. He was finally able to sign the Roll of Attorneys after numerous COVID delays. Jonathan had his first hearing and first mediation in 2022 and got to attend his first State Bar of New Mexico Annual Meeting at the Tamaya in August.  Remember when you were a young, unjaded lawyer and looked forward to all your “firsts”? We have enjoyed watching him develop as a young lawyer and sharing his unique perspective. He and others in the office have encouraged us to take walking breaks so we remember there is a world outside of the office. Outside of work Jonathan has visited family in both Arizona and Colorado where he enjoys his Funcle (fun uncle) duties and has participated in the weddings of two close friends. He continues to play tennis each week and was the MVP of our Law Scholarship Classic golf team this year. He would like to know why we can’t do that as a profession, instead of lawyering. Jonathan also enjoys the company of his long-term girlfriend Yoselin who will graduate law school in May.

Just as this blog remains through a myriad of changes, our Team will continue to provide high-integrity legal assistance to our clients, serve our community, and support families in New Mexico. We wish you all a very happy holiday season and a hopefully slower version of reality in 2023!

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I had a great experience at Batley Family Law. They assisted me with my case. They were excellent and ensured that my case was handled as efficiently as possible and always made me feel informed. This firm helped me through a stressful time. Would absolutely recommend this law firm.”

J. A.

“Thanks for everything yesterday! I had a very informative and meaningful consultation with Batley Family Law. I can tell that they are compassionate and strong which I admire in a law firm. Their firm has written a great book on New Mexico Divorce Law and they had recommendations for books to help my kids in this process! Thanks for the great gifts as well. I look forward to working with them in the process that lies ahead.”


Bobbie Batley is unquestionably the top family lawyer in New Mexico, largely because of the amazing team she leads. This firm cares about their clients, and puts those needs out front. I will never hesitate to refer to this firm!”


“Batley Family Law is an excellent place to work. I enjoy coming in everyday. It is clear to see how much our attorneys value New Mexican families. They work their hardest to advocate for their clients on a daily basis.”

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“Batley Family Law provided me with excellent advice and service to effectively and efficiently resolve an issue with my best interests in mind. They did this with a great deal of compassion. I would highly recommend this firm.”

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